Oakland Non-Profit Provides a Means of Socialization for Seniors

Senior Center Without Walls provides over the phone courses for seniors, giving them a new avenue for continuing education, as well as a social outlet.


Photo: Gabrielle Lurie, The Chronicle

Senior Center Without Walls is an Oakland non-profit that has been making waves in the local news lately because of their mission; to continue education for seniors and give them a social outlet in which to connect with each other, regardless of physical limitations.

Created in 2004, the organization offers over 80 classes to seniors in the bay area and beyond, with subjects ranging anywhere from philosophy to  communication.

Students can participate and/ or facilitate classes among their peers, often times giving them the social experiences and connections that a shocking 1/5th of adults lack.

Over 600 seniors call in to various programs provided by SCWW on a daily basis, contributing to learning experiences such as their class on health and wellness, as well as participating in more social activities such as phone bingo and trivia challenges.

The program also encourages socialization between its participants, with the aim of some groups facilitating conversation. With topics ranging from history and philosophy to politics and current events, the administrators of the program ensure that the interactions these individuals have never go stale.

Senior Center Without Walls is located in Oakland, California and accepts calls from the hours of 9am to 5pm seven days a week. 

You can learn more about their organization, and register for a session on their website here

Some information from this article was originally published by SF Gate and can be found here

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