Medicare Competitive Bidding

If this is your first time learning about Medicare competitive bidding, you are not alone.  Part of the reason why you may have never heard of the term is because it was part of an old piece of legislation called the Medicare Modernization Act, signed into law by President Bush in 2003.  It was finally implemented in 2011, and is aimed at “weeding out multiple companies selling the same products at higher prices, even though such products were not necessarily better.

There is little impact for seniors receiving Medicare.  The bill’s biggest effect has been on ironing out wasteful spending in government, saving more than $400 million in the first two years, across nine regions, alone.  Further savings are expected as the bill is implemented in 90 additional areas this year.

While the aim has been to make companies offering medical equipment to the government for Medicare more competitive, some have worried that the quality of equipment would decline in tandem with the prices.  So far, the opposite has happened, and the quality of medical equipment being provided to the government has actually remained the same.

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Innovative Insurance Veteran William Haynor Introduces SeniorQuote Insurance Services to bring Options to Seniors

New company offers comparison services for Medicare Supplement and Advantage customers

San Diego, California (August 6, 2013) – William Haynor, a business leader with more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry and one of the founders of SelectQuote Insurance Services, has introduced another innovation to the industry with his newest venture, SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc.. The new company offers Medicare eligible seniors the ability to cross-shop multiple carriers for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans, with the support and guidance of SeniorQuote’s experienced team of insurance professionals.

Haynor, age 72, says that he created the company based on his own experiences in trying to choose the right supplement plan for his personal Medicare coverage.

“I have always been healthy and active,” said Haynor. “But in 2010 it seemed that all at once I was hit with every medical problem you could image. I was laid up in the hospital for weeks and without proper Medicare Supplemental insurance, the bills would have threatened my family’s savings. I was thankful that I had the right medical coverage.”

Haynor is joined by Edward Leonard, formerly the chief financial officer of Sears Brands Management Corporation, a Sears Holding Company subsidiary.  Leonard serves as SeniorQuote’s chief financial officer, responsible for day-to-day operations in the company’s Sorrento Valley office.

“I wanted to create a resource that seniors can trust in and rely on as they transition into the second chapter of their life,” continued Haynor.  “SeniorQuote is that resource.”

SeniorQuote operates a call-in support center and employs a growing staff of experienced insurance associates and executives in a combination of community- and office-based functions.   Haynor and his team of licensed agents continue to expand their customer’s choices with the addition of new coverage programs from many of the industry’s top insurance carriers, while expanding their services into additional states.  Haynor plans to launch a series of Youtube videos in which he instructs seniors on the importance of Medicare coverage and chronicles his personal experiences in finding the right supplement insurance for his family.

About SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc.
SeniorQuote Insurance Services, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, is a Medicare Supplement and Advantage insurance agency founded for the singular purpose of helping seniors find the perfect insurance coverage for the second chapter of life.  The company, founded by veteran insurance executive William Haynor, offers Medicare Supplement and Advantage products from several of the nation’s leading and most respected carriers, through a team of licensed, experienced, and  highly trained customer associates.  To learn more about the company and the carriers represented, visit

Life after 65: Help for Beginning Your Next Chapter

Turning 65 means many things.  For some it means retirement. For others it offers a new chapter of life, an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. And for others it means a time to find a new purpose in life.  At SeniorQuote, we are passionate about assisting our clients 65 and older to enjoy an abundant life.

We are not alone. AARP has launched a new digital site aimed at helping people 65+ reimagine their life, goals, direction, and planning.

AARP’s new site is called “Life Reimagined” and gives seniors access to a wonderful tool that “infuses purpose into online connection and conversation.”  Besides being a nifty online tool, Life Reimagined, also gives seniors access to leaders who have built their careers on helping to coach adults through life transitions.

Some of the thought leaders behind Life Reimagined include; Richard Leider, an executive coach, Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist and frequent contributor on CBS, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, and Bill Thomas, a healthcare innovation expert.  With many other industry leaders and contributors behind the site, it is certainly a fresh and welcomed addition to the senior health industry.

What does being 65 or older mean to you?  Are you moving?  Planning a travel adventure?  Picking up a new hobby?  Or maybe even starting a new career?  This truly is an exciting time.  While you reimagine your life, SeniorQuote will help you understand your many options for Medicare supplement and advantage plans.

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