Uber Partners with Laguna Municipality to Offer Safe Rides for Seniors

Uber is working with local government officials in an effort to make transportation more accessible for seniors.

Image courtesy of Government Technology


In a recent move to encourage the growing senior population to get out and about with more frequency, the local government of Laguna Beach has partnered with ride-sharing tech giant Uber to secure rides to an from popular locations within city limits.

The agreement, brought to the table and funded in part by local non-profit Sally”s Fund, will allow seniors an easy form of transportation to and from institutions popular among the over 65 crowd such as the local community center as well as shopping centers that include grocery stores among other outlets.

The foundation, founded in 1982, strives to make the community more accessible for senior citizens through various means of transportation as well as programs specifically designed for interaction and outreach throughout the township.

Established as a 501 (c) (3) non profit, the group aims to have the transportation alternative up and running for community members by the first part of 2018.


Information used in this article was provided, in part, by the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle