Medicare For All: The Bernie Sanders Plan

Medicare once again takes center stage in Congressional debates and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders aims to tackle the issue head on.


Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images
Senator Sanders speaks to Congress Regarding his Medicare for All Bill – Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Through trials and tribulations, the issue of health care on Capitol Hill has seen a great deal of back and forth in the last few months.

Both the Left and Right have been in discussions pertaining to the best choice for American citizens, and as of September 14th, yet another option has made its way to the floor.

The “Medicare for All” bill presented by Vermont Senator  Bernie Sanders, is a single payer health care program designed to move the cost of care from the individual to the government.

In reality, the bill is a medicare overhaul that would expand the amount of coverage allotted to citizens, and would phase out insurance companies.

The plan is suggested to be phased in over time to eventually cover everyone who wishes to sign up, but includes hefty tax increases in order to pay for the expanded coverage.

A great amount of specifics on the plan have yet to be fleshed out, from out of pocket spending to the cost of healthcare in general.


Some information from this post was found on an article posted by NPR you can find here