October 1st ObamaCare Deadline is Improbable

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that renewed suspicions about the government’s timeline regarding the start of ObamaCare: the prospective launch date of October 1st, 2013 is, perhaps, no longer realistic. Several deadlines have been missed in trying to establish small business and consumer insurance exchanges and, because of this, it is doubtful that October 1st will initiate the full implementation of ObamaCare.

Small businesses are braving the impact of several setbacks. Employers will only be able to offer one plan option to their employees, and several small companies have reported that they are no longer able to fund the full premium for these packages. Only seventeen states have established their small business exchange programs, so the federal Medicare and Medicaid centers have picked up the slack for the thirty-three remaining states. Many states are struggling to find carriers that are willing to provide their services to small businesses state-wide; therefore, options are few, prices are high, and the chance that ObamaCare will be ready October 1st is growing ever-more improbable.

The healthcare industry continues to be in flux with answers to essential questions proving elusive for many individuals. If you have questions about your personal healthcare, insurance coverage, or Medicare, many answers are available on www.medicare.gov., or you can contact the Medicare experts directly at SeniorQuote by calling 888-278-5126.