Senior Olympics Hosted in Brussels; features Wool Ball Shot-put, Relay Races, and Other Events

Senior Olympics sporting event held in Belgian capital reinforces the idea that athleticism can be achieved at any age.


Image Courtesy of Reuters


The Senior Olympics were held in Brussels over the weekend. Traditionally, athleticism is associated with the youthful disposition that most individuals picture a twenty-something year old football player to possess. This stereotype is being challenged  by “A Traves Les Arts”, a Brussels based non-profit, who aim to keep the senior community engaged and active by putting on events.

The event’s purpose was to engage and excite the local senior community, while introducing them to one another and facilitating a sense of competition and fitness. Individuals took part in events such as shot-put with a wool ball, an assisted 25×4 dash, and javelin tossing, among other activities.

A spokesperson for the event made it clear that their goal was to encourage everyone to participate, and that although winning was a nice caveat, the group effort involved with each event was the real achievement for each senior athlete.

Participants were thrilled to revel in their athletic achievements, and left the event feeling energized and encouraged that regardless of their age, they were still capable of great things.


Some information from this article was provided by Reuters Online, and India Times.