Are Dental and Vision Covered?

At SeniorQuote we know that healthcare means much more to seniors than just hospital visits and doctor’s offices.  A large amount of seniors also have dental and vision needs, as well.  It is one issue that we get questions about constantly.

Does Medicare Part A or B cover things like a dentist visit?  My prescription lenses?  Or an eye exam?  These are great questions and important to understand when considering your overall Medicare coverage.

Let’s start with dental coverage.  Simply put, if you have basic Medicare part A & B, you are not covered for dentist visits or benefits.  What falls under visits and benefits?  These are things that include checkups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and dentures.  The only things that basic Medicare may cover are things that are applicable in a hospital setting.  If you would like to add dental benefits and coverage there are 2 ways to go about acquiring coverage;

1) Through an Advantage plan

2)  Through private insurance

Keep in mind that not all Advantage plans include dental coverage.  Additionally, there are many private insurance plans that bundle dental and vision coverage into one plan for seniors.

Vision coverage is similar to dental coverage.  Basic Medicare part A & B does not cover routine eye exams/ refraction, eyeglasses, or contacts.  Medicare does however cover things relating to eye disease.  Common eye diseases for seniors include glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.  Medicare will cover the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases and many others.  As with dental, there are Advantage plans that cover vision, as well.

We know that these are important aspects of complete healthcare and do not think they should go overlooked.  With open enrollment coming to an end soon, now is the time to look into Advantage plans for additional dental and vision coverage.  SeniorQuote knows the ins and outs of Medicare plans.  Give us a call and we can assist you in finding the plan that best fits your needs.

Helping You Help Loved Ones

At SeniorQuote we not only receive calls from seniors, but often have family members, spouses, and senior’s children call in asking for more information regarding Medicare and senior health options like supplements and advantage plans.  Because of this, we want to let everyone know that we also help those helping loved ones as well!

If you are looking for answers to questions for a senior you know, please give us a call.  One of our agents can walk you through the Medicare program, outlines, dates, and coverage.  Most people do not know what is covered through Medicare, what is not, and that you can get additional coverage for extra coverage, like prescription drugs.

This Open Enrollment period we took a call from Lizzie Trout, who was calling to get information about Medicare Supplements for her parents back in Michigan.  She was concerned that her parents, who were reluctant to reach out, were not getting the best coverage for their growing number of prescriptions.  We were able to give Lizzie information regarding Medicare Supplements that would actually cover more of their prescription drug costs and even introduced her to Medicare Advantage plans that also include prescription drug coverage.

After walking Lizzie through these different options, we encouraged her to have her talk with her parents and have them speak with one of our agents as well.  Later that week, her parents called, delighted by the news that they could get extra coverage and save money.  Our agent went through their options and ended up helping them save money every month while still getting the same prescription drugs they were already taking.

If you can relate to Lizzie, and would like to help a loved one be better covered, save money, or become more informed about Medicare options, please give us a call.  The best time to add or change coverage is Open Enrollment, which ends on December 7th.  Call us – 1.800.992.7724 .  We have great agents that can help.

Medicare Changes Highlighted in Recent USA Today Article

A recent USTA Today article, written by Kaiser Health News reporter Susan Jaffe, details some of the changes that will impact Medicare coverage for 2014. With only one month to go before the end of the Open Enrollment Period, these changes will be important for you to consider as you review your options.

A list of the key changes listed in the article follow:
● Monthly premiums for 2014 are changing dramatically. For example, the cost for one AARP UnitedHealth plan will increase by 55%, while the cost of another popular plan from Wellcare will decrease by 38%.

● Another popular plan, SilverScript Basic, is now off limits to new members until Medicare officials are satisfied that the company has resolved operational problems.

● The coverage gap or “doughnut hole” in Part D is growing smaller in 2014. The Affordable Care Act shrinks the gap every year until it’s closed in 2020.

● Next year, drug coverage stops when the insurer and member together have spent $2,850 and resumes when the member has spent $4,550. This year, coverage stopped at $2,970 in spending and resumed at $4,750.

● Discounts on drugs that seniors buy while in the gap have also improved, and next year’s deductible is $310 instead of $325.

● The Open Enrollment Period will have 142 fewer Medicare Advantage plans, the private plans that are an alternative to traditional Medicare fee-for-service coverage,

● Officials expect average Medicare Advantage monthly premiums to increase by $1.64 to $32.60 next year, while the average prescription drug plan premium will remain roughly the same, at about $31.

These changes give you a lot to consider. And SeniorQuote is here to help.
Enjoy the USA Today article. And enjoy the saving money with SeniorQuote during the Open Enrollment Period.