Medicare Advantage: Is there truly an advantage?

Confused about Medicare Advantage?  You are not alone.   To understand Medicare Advantage it is important to get a sense for the bigger picture, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the complicated specifics and details.   Let’s reduce Medicare Advantage to the basics, so you can be better informed and make better decisions when planning your Medicare.


To start, original Medicare is a government program that is part of Social Security, created to help seniors with their healthcare needs.     If you are a senior over the age of 65, assistance is available to provide for your healthcare necessities with what is called Medicare Part A and Part B.  Think of these two parts as the building blocks of a complete personal healthcare program.  While the foundation of Original Medicare is most important to your healthcare, you may want to add additional layers of coverage.  These additional layers of coverage are not provided through Medicare and need to be supplemented by you personally.


According to, Medicare Advantage offers additional individual coverage that Medicare does not provide.   It is essentially a package of additional healthcare benefits provided by private companies or insurers, such as vision, hearing, dental, and/or health and wellness programs. Most include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Medicare Advantage Plans still provides you with the important foundation of Medicare Part A and Part B provided by the government, while offering you additional coverage that fills in some of the gaps that exist within Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage offers a variety of different coverage programs, rates, rules, and physician networks.  These many options can be great for people who want more choices and better coverage for their individual needs, however the program details can often be confusing, with additional rules and restrictions.


A common analogy that is used to describe Original Medicare is the foundation of a house.  The foundation includes a basic floor, walls, and a roof.  It is a great and important start and provides the framework for your home.  But what if you want a more comfortable home? Like additional rooms? Or a custom kitchen? Or bigger bathrooms?  Well, Medicare Advantage programs allow you to add some important custom features to your healthcare home, like the vision, hearing, dental, wellness programs and prescription drug coverage previously listed. ,


It is up to each personal to decide what is right for their individual healthcare needs and Medicare Advantage offers many important options.
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