What is a Proposed Single Payer Option?

The “Single Payer Option” refers to a proposed health care program supported by President Obama and the presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Under this Program the Government of the United States would pay for all medical care, ending the need for private health insurance and premiums. The private health insurance companies would most likely provide only supplemental coverage for health care not covered by the Government Program. ┬áThis could also be referred to as “Socialized Medicine” where all medical and hospital cost is paid for at a nominal cost through Government Regulation with subsidies derived from Taxation. Medicare for people over 65 is a┬áversion of this with Part A (Hospital) being free for qualified participants and Part B (Medical Services) being paid for with a nominal monthly amount, however, only covering 80% of the costs. Private insurers typically would cover the additional cost through a Supplemental Policy paid for by the client.