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Cost, customer service, and experience are usually the only difference between insurance companies.

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Stop the confusion about Medicare insurance NOW—SeniorQuote is here to help you. From getting help understanding Medicare Parts A through D, to comparing quotes of the different Medicare supplement rates in your zip code, to obtaining a suitable Medicare health care plan. We invite you to get honest help from one of our experienced licensed agents today. There is no charge for our services.

How We Help

We take the time to understand every individual’s situation, to ensure that their Medicare health plan that is suitable for their personal needs and budget. Then we can advise which plan—from which company—offers the most beneficial coverage for each individual. This means discussing topics such as:

  • Access to Medicare-covered doctors and healthcare facilities  
  • Prescription drug cost and the Coverage Gap or “Donut Hole”
  • Transition from Employer-sponsored health coverage to Medicare
  • Medicare deductibles & copays

Stop Overpaying Now

We have helped our clients save hundreds—even thousands of dollars per year—while maintaining the same health care benefits and provider access, or even increasing their level of benefits and access! Yes, we are serious! Contact Us for a Free Quote

We Are a Broker

SeniorQuote is licensed to sell Medicare supplement plans in 40+ states thru up to 10 different carriers in a given area.

SeniorQuote is compensated directly from the companies whose products we sell. This means we do not charge clients anything outside of collecting payment information for plan premium.

SeniorQuote FOR GOOD

A vast majority of SeniorQuote clients have remained with us ever since 2013. When the time comes to review your plan and compare options—as recommended to do so during the Medicare Annual Election Period—SeniorQuote will be here to help, FOR GOOD!