SeniorQuote Insurance Services was founded over 10 years ago by Bill Haynor, a pioneer in offering affordable life and health insurance solutions to the “Baby Boomer” generation. “The desire to protect seniors like me from the uncertainties of life,” Bill explains simply. “That was my reason for starting SeniorQuote.”

Bill personally understands the importance of having good health coverage at an affordable price. Not long ago, Bill experienced a series of health issues that forced him to rely on his personal Medicare Supplement Insurance. With a heart surgery, emergency appendicitis, open heart surgery and a knee surgery all in a two year period, Bill quickly exceeded his Medicare coverage, with bills totaling well over $400,000. Click for a look at Bill’s medical bill. “It was unbelievable!” Bill laughs. “I have been so healthy for my whole life, but in that short period of time I was hit from every direction, and I would have had to pay almost half a million dollars in medical bills, if I didn’t have Medicare and my Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. Instead, I paid nearly nothing. More than ever before, I see the value we provide to our customers at SeniorQuote.”  

In the early 1970s, Bill worked with the Waddell and Reed life insurance model which promoted low cost term life insurance in place of higher cost whole life insurance with the proposition that the difference in premium (premium savings) should be invested in mutual funds for retirement. In the 1980s, Bill was a founder of SelectQuote Insurance Services, one of the first life insurance agencies to offer a term life insurance quote comparison service. The SelectQuote service was designed to assist people by providing affordable rates available from highly-rated life insurance companies. In the 1990s, Bill was a founder of First Union Insurance Services, which offered affordable term life and permanent insurance to support the needs of the bank’s many customers. 

For the past ten years, Bill has keenly focused on the needs of Baby Boomers; helping them to replace their term life insurance with affordable permanent life insurance; and helping them sort through their Medicare and Medicare Supplement options as they approach the mandatory Medicare age of 65. A senior himself, Bill has become an advocate for seniors. Through SeniorQuote, Bill leads his experienced team of insurance professionals to search for healthcare coverage that fits the specific needs of his customers