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One of the chief concerns we hear from our customers is about having enough healthcare insurance to cover all their needs and expenses. Particularly when the unexpected happens: sudden illness or surgery, hospitalization, home healthcare, prescription drugs, and more.

This is exactly what happened to SeniorQuote Founder and CEO, Bill Haynor. Watch Bill’s story here.

“The desire to protect seniors like me from the uncertainties of life,” Bill explains simply. “That was my reason for starting SeniorQuote.”

Now more than ever, you need to take charge of your healthcare. Not only could your individual or family’s needs change, but insurance plans themselves can change: increased premiums, modified coverage due to changes to physician and hospital networks, or prescription drug coverage – to name a few.

Relax. We’ve got you covered

It can be overwhelming and time consuming to keep up with all these changes. But rest assured, SeniorQuote can help.

Your SeniorQuote Licensed Agent will take the time to understand your concerns and will patiently answer all your questions. Our agents are specialists about the issues that matter the most to you. You’ll get easy to understand, unbiased information to simplify finding and selecting the right policy and have confidence that you’re making the smartest choice for you and your family.

What’s more, SeniorQuote is licensed in most states, and has the unique ability to help you shop multiple Insurance carriers. One call to a SeniorQuote Licensed Agent can get you the coverage you need at the best price possible.


The right insurance for you & your family

Let SeniorQuote help you choose the ideal coverage. See the links below for more information:

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