The Mental Health Benefits of Chess for Seniors

By Gabrielle Baines Posted on

Chess is often misunderstood as a game only for very intelligent or academic types of personalities. Although having a good head on your shoulders definitely helps you play well, there is evidence enough to hypothesize that the game itself makes you smarter and protects your brain from cognitive decline. The National Institutes of Health looked Read More

New Medicare Cards En Route

By Gabrielle Baines Posted on

New Medicare numbers and cards have begun to be sent to people with Medicare! If you have Medicare, your new card should arrive soon, and will include a new number for you, instead of the current Social Security-based number it has been up to this point. Changing the number to not include your SSN, will will Read More

Medicare Advantage May Not Be for Everyone

By William Haynor Posted on

Did you know that Mayo Clinic does not accept patients with Medicare Advantage Plans? How about the fact that Medicare Advantage customers have higher deductibles and copays and that over 50% of Medicare Advantage plans pay physicians below prevailing Medicare rates? The WSJ posted an article featuring statements from three individuals in the medical and Read More