Medicare Politics

By William Haynor Posted on

Democrats and Republicans are proposing many changes to the Medicare Program. It is important that you understand the implications of these proposed changes. The purpose of the blog is to attempt to sort through the different options. Stay tuned as we make future posts.

5 Steps to Save Money During Open Enrollment

By Gabrielle Baines Posted on

As you well know, Open Enrollment is upon us, and will be until December 7th of this year. Many seniors take advantage of this time of year to better control health care costs by deciding which version of Medicare to enroll in or switch to. Those that play their cards right can save hundreds, even Read More

Medicare Advantage Denying Claims to Save Money?

By Gabrielle Baines Posted on

One of the most popular private insurance alternatives to traditional Medicare is Medicare Advantage. Covering more than 20 million people means 1/3rd of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled with Medicare Advantage. Unfortunately, recent reports say that it has been improperly denying many medical claims to both patients and physicians alike, denying claims in an attempt to Read More