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SeniorQuote exists for the sole purpose of helping seniors navigate the often confusing Medicare insurance program. Working with seniors every day, you’d be right in guessing that we have a lot of "senior moments" – but they’re not the kind humorously referred to as the short mental lapses that may come with age. In fact, the senior moments we have at SeniorQuote are the moments of wisdom and insight shared by our members that inspire us to always strive to earn your trust.

Meet our licensed agents and support staff and read about their #SeniorMoments:

Jonathan Ison, Sales & Marketing Manager | Licensed Agent

Jonathan Ison

Sales & Marketing Manager | Licensed Agent

800-935-6595 Ext 104

License Number: 0I04516

My mother and father are seniors and I treat each of my clients as though they were my parents—in other words, with utmost respect and care. Seniors deserve excellent service and that is my goal every day. I really enjoy getting to know seniors better and learning from the wisdom they share with me. SeniorQuote gives me the best opportunity to help people because of  the selection of products we offer, the variety of companies we represent and the ability to offer insurance plans nationwide. I take pride in the SeniorQuote mission to help seniors find health or life insurance that suits their needs at the most affordable cost. It’s a challenging, gratifying and rewarding career that I am very grateful for.

Jonathan’s #SeniorMoment: A woman was telling me about her current situation: a few days back, she was going on the fourth day without her blood thinner medication–she could not afford the cost of $200 per month for the prescription. Suddenly, she became lightheaded and collapsed to the floor where she debated whether or not to call 9-1-1 because of how much she feared it would cost her. The day after, she began searching for help with her insurance coverage. She spoke with representatives from several companies and was told she couldn’t make any changes until the Open Enrollment Period. Then, she got a call from me.

I learned more about her situation–how she often had to choose between buying food or medicine, and how everyone she talked to said they wouldn’t be able to help her right now. About half an hour into our conversation, I discovered her income level would make her eligible for a Low Income Subsidy (LIS) from the government, which would help lower her prescription drug cost to less than $7 each. This also allowed her to make changes to her insurance coverage, when most people can only change from October 15 to December 7.

We proceeded with the application for help on drug costs and a proper Medicare health plan. Once we had completed it, I heard a muffled “Thank you.” I could hear her sniffling and crying, and I asked, “Are you okay?” She took a minute, then said “It’s just.. I prayed for help last night. Today I was worrying about how I will afford to stay alive. And then you called.”

A couple weeks later, she was approved for the extra help on her drug costs, and we were also able to change her health insurance plan to a more suitable, affordable plan. It was the most gratifying experience of my career.