This 101 year old D-Day veteran has become the oldest person to ever participate in the act of skydiving.


Bryson William Verdun Hayes plummets from over 15,000 feet

Bryson William Verdun Hayes has become the oldest individual in history to make the decent from the atmosphere of 15,000 feet in tandem skydiving with close family and friends.

The jumps participants included his son, grandson, and great grandchildren, making the experience a true family affair.

Hayes barley broke the previous record of 101 years and and three days by a whopping 25 day margin, narrowly encasing his name in the future of skydiving.

Raising money for the British Royal Legion, Hayes remarked in a interview that he was “over the moon” with excitement in his accomplishment.

Originally, the vet wanted to take up skydiving at the age of 90, but was talked out of the idea by his wife. Now, having done his first jump at the age of 100, he is well on the way to go down in history as a truly fearless individual, who let nothing get in the way of his goals.

You can watch a video of Hayes’ remarkable accomplishment here.

Photo provided by the family of Mr. Hayes, some information from this article was reported in a USA Today Article available here